• gress Report: Peco Foods, Inc.

Peco Foods, Inc.

JESCO Construction has broken ground on a new poultry processing plant in Randolph County, Arkansas. This 318,000 SF facility includes:

  • “Green Field” Site Development
  • 600,000 SF Heavy-Duty Concrete Site Paving
  • Precast Wall Panels
  • Steel Columns
  • Beams & Seismic Bracing
  • Fibertite Hybrid Roof System
  • Refrigeration Engine & Pump Rooms
  • 5,000 LF Stainless Steel Trenches
  • Spiral Freezer
  • Carton Freezer
  • -10 Degree Freezer
  • 34 Degree Cooler
  • Truck Scale Building
  • Sewer Lagoons

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