Cullis Wade Depot

Mississippi State University | Client: Starkville, MS

The Cullis Wade Depot was designed to resemble an old railroad depot and is actually situated just north of the original rail bed that served the MSU campus until the early 1960’s. The new facility serves as an integral hub of activity for the new MSU Junction area. It houses the University’s Welcome Center, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, a Starbuck’s Café, and the Cullis Wade Vintage Clock Museum. Over four hundred antique clocks from the Cullis Wade collection reside within the Museum. Outdoor porches offer a refreshing respite for students and sports fans along the southern and western elevations of the building. Exposed structural elements, galvanized ductwork, stained floors, and ornamental ironwork offer a glimpse into “days gone by,” while one hundred sixty eight geothermal wells provide state-of-the-art, energy-efficient cooling for the facility. A large skylight provides natural lighting within the Barnes & Noble atrium, which plays host to numerous game day activities and musical guests

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