• Montgomery Cancer Center

Montgomery Cancer Center

Montgomery, Alabama | Client: Montgomery Cancer Center - A Baptist Health Facility

JESCO, Inc. has constructed two major projects for the Montgomery Cancer Center in Montgomery, Alabama

The addition was designed for a state-of-the-art Varian HE 21 EX Clinac Linear Accelerator. The addition is composed of a large ‘concrete bunker’ which houses the linear accelerator and treatment equipment, a control area for the radiotherapy unit, an electrical line conditioning & modulator room and support areas. The construction of the concrete bunker was done with four foot thick concrete walls and ceiling(s) supported on thirty six feet deep drilled concrete piers. The building is finished in sleek clad aluminum columns, curtain wall glazing and linen-colored split faced veneer masonry. With the completion of this addition, the Montgomery Cancer Center, Radiation Oncology building now offers four separate radiotherapy treatment rooms for cancer patients.

Medical systems installed within this project include the following products: Varian HE Clinac Linear Accelerator 21 EX and Brainlab Exactrac X-Ray / IR Positioning System (Pre-Install). The bunker is secured from radiation by a fourteen hundred pound Nelco Neutron Shielding Door. At the interior of the bunker, a luminous sky ceiling decorates the ceiling and provides cancer patients with a soothing illuminated atmosphere bathed in sky blue light.

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