• Volvo Cars America

Volvo Cars America

Ridgeville, SC | Client: Volvo Car US Operations, Inc.

Volvo Car US Operations, Inc.’s first manufacturing facility in the United States will be the global production home of all the new S60 Sedans. The new facility will create approximately 2,000 direct jobs and produce 100,000 cars per year. American built S60’s will be exported around the world through the Port of Charleston.
JESCO’s Mechanical-Electrical Division worked with other units of The Yates Companies and our design partner Albert Kahn to design and construct the major buildings for the grassroots Volvo Cars America new assembly plant outside Charleston, SC. The Yates Companies total Scope of Work was the Body Shop, Assembly Building, Central Energy Plant, Administrative Office Building, additional small ancillary buildings and the Site Main Distribution Trestle. The total square footage constructed was 2,300,000 and was completed from design start to substantial completion in 22 months.

The total energy plant capacity is 7,500 tons cooling, 12,000,000 BTUH Heating Water (for paint shop) and 4,800 SCFM of compressed air. Body Shop, Assembly Building and Administrative Office are all heated by gas fire units (combination with air conditioning).