• Traxys Cometals and the Yellow Creek Port Authority

Traxys Cometals and the Yellow Creek Port Authority

JESCO – When Experience Matters in the Metals Sector. Playing a little catch up on posting this project for Traxys Cometals and the Yellow Creek Port Authority. Traxys Cometals Processing is a part of Traxys North America, a metals marketing, distribution, and trading company. The project included the green field construction of a 105,000-square-foot facility within the Yellow Creek Port’s Burnsville Industrial Complex. The company will produce alloying agents for the molten metal treatment of aluminum and steel. JESCO, Inc. is a 78 year old design-build construction company that focuses on the design and construction of manufacturing facilities. Call or email us if we can help you. #JESCOBuilds, #metals, #manufacturing

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