Here’s a pretty amazing fact that I don’t know if any other construction company can say. JESCO Construction earns around 84% of our business from repeat customers. If that doesn’t tell you that you can trust JESCO, nothing will. It gets better — these repeat clients are blue-chip companies that manufacture cars and trucks, engines and aircraft, furniture and food products. They include household names like Mercedes-Benz, Cooper Tire, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Hyundai, Ashley Furniture and Diamond Pet Food. Obviously, they can work with any construction company in the world — but they choose JESCO, and they choose us repeatedly. I don’t say that to brag because that’s not our style. We go to job sites every day and work our butts off to give you more than you expect. That’s why companies keep calling us — it’s why you should trust JESCO for your next project.

JESCO Construction:

Why We're Unique

JESCO Construction is a premier American designer and builder of manufacturing facilities. We apply industry-leading, manufacturing mastery in successful construction projects for a host of industries: Automotive, Aviation, Resorts, Sports, Food & Beverage, Advanced Manufacturing, Metals, and other commercial type projects.

Our Core Values: Safety, Integrity, Passion, and Commitment

What makes JESCO unique? We’re proud of our core values and we live by them every day: Safety. Passion. Integrity. Commitment. We offer clients a combination of experience and capabilities that is virtually unmatched among our peers today.

Single Source Responsibility Means 100% Accountability.

JESCO has the capability to provide, under one contract and one management source, all services from design through construction, including equipment installation, start-up and maintenance. One team answers to you for everything: design, costs, schedules, updates and questions.

Integrated Divisions Let Us Manage More, So You Worry Less.

You can focus on your day job while we do ours. From initial design through maintenance, JESCO keeps it all together for you: Engineering. Construction. Mechanical and electrical work. Steel fabrication. Equipment installation. Industrial services. Millwright work. On-going maintenance.

Virtually Unmatched Self-Performance Capabilities.

Some people call it “in house” work. JESCO calls it the expertise and ability to know every facet or every job in the construction process and perform it ourselves. That means initial budgets are better. Schedules are tighter. It’s surprising how few construction companies still work this way.

Experience Matters and it Makes a Big Difference.

We’ve seen it again and again over 83 years. Nothing determines the success of a project more than the experience of the company and the project team. You’ll be impressed with the depth of our people. They make sure your leadership team gets what they expect – with no bad outcomes.

On Every Job, Quality and Safety Work Hand-in-Hand.

JESCO Construction has a long history of outstanding quality and safety. We deliver buildings and facilities that perform as you expect them to, both short- and long-term. But we never sacrifice safety or risk liability for your company or ours. Quality and safety work hand-in-hand.


  • Fulton & Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Mobile & Montgomery, Alabama
We've worked across 39 states across the US

Construction Capacity​

  • Annual Sales: $200+ Million
  • Bonding Capacity: In excess of $4 billion
  • Employment: Seasonally variable 500+ employees