Ashley Furniture Industries

Commitment: “Being dedicated to a cause or activity.”

The Ashley Furniture Industries and JESCO, Inc. Story

Commitment is one of the four core principals of JESCO, Inc. No where has this been demonstrated more than the Ashley Furniture Industries/JESCO relationship over the past quarter of a century.

JESCO and Ashley are both family owned companies, and have common team culture and approaches to quality and high standards. Over the years, long-term relationships have been formed based on respect, action, and trust. JESCO has constructed large greenfield projects for Ashley, but we have also been there when an ice storm hit, or repair work needed to be done in plants. The Wanek family and JESCO family have celebrated company milestones and achievements together. Through it all JESCO has constructed over 2,500,000 SF for Ashley, but more importantly they have been there to take care of whatever they needed from a design and construction standpoint.
Ashley continues to see tremendous growth and JESCO has been there to help them maximize these opportunities. JESCO’s reputation is based on repeat business from high quality companies like Ashley, and as we enter our 80th year we know that we will continue to earn the faith and trust of the Wanek family and the Ashley team with each and every project.



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