JESCO is a leader in the design-construction of automotive projects. Engineering New-Record annually recognized us as one of the top automotive contractors in the United States. Our teams have experience constructing battery, engine, fabrication, injection molding, paint, assembly, and all types of automotive OEM and Tier 1, 2 and 3 Supplier projects.

When Experience Matters in Automotive.


JESCO’s experience in aviation is rooted in our ability to deliver the complex and technical systems required in today’s aviation projects. Our experience in the aviation sector and JESCO’s integrated divisions including mechanical-electrical give us expertise that sets us apart from other contractors. So, whether its designing and constructing an MRO maintenance facility, a helicopter or airplane assembly plant, an aviation supplier plant, or designing a one of kind paint facility the JESCO Team is up to the task!

When Experience Matters in Aviation.

Food Processing

JESCO’s work in food and beverage goes back to our company’s beginning over 80-years ago. Since that time, we have continued to take a wholistic approach to the food and beverage value chain. We work with famers and aggregate companies designing and constructing bulk commodities facilities in the food and feed sectors all the way thru to food processing and further processing facilities. We only take on a select number of Food & Beverage Processing projects each year to ensure that everyone on these teams has decades of experience constructing a facility like yours.

When Experience Matters in Food.

General Manufacturing

JESCO’s history is rooted in the construction of manufacturing facilities. Engineering News-Record ranked us as the #3 contractor in the United States focused on Manufacturing. Not only do we design and construct manufacturing facilities, but we also work to maintain them. Our decades of industrial services work and being responsible for the operations of manufacturing plants give us a unique perspective and experience when we sit down with you to design and construct your next plant. We understand that process layout comes first and the trade-offs between upfront costs and operational efficiencies and we ‘KNOW how to STRIKE a Balance” between the two.

When Experience Matters in Manufacturing.


JESCO’s experience in Metals is diverse and includes base minerals, steel, aluminum, graphite, and copper. We have worked on arc furnace projects, casting facilities, drawing, extrusion, chemical, and fabrication types of processes. One thing remains the same. Metals projects typically rely on heavy infrastructure and efficient operations to succeed. With over 80 years of experience our teams have designed, constructed, installed equipment, and maintained metals operations and understand how to work with you get your plant up and running quickly.

When Experience Matters in Metals.

Resorts & Sports

Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Whitewater Rafting, time by the pool, the spa, or the beach; however you spend your “Quality” time JESCO may have been the company that built it. For over 80 years JESCO has been building the places where people play, spend time with family and just unwind.

When Experience Matters in Resorts & Sports.